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School Admissions

6 years onwards

The Papagoya Micro - School offers a play based approach to learning for Grades 1 upward using the IGCSE curriculum and The Pedagogy of Play frameworks. Children become eligible to join us once they turn 6 years old. Our main intake for school is in June 2022, however we do take children through the year based on availability and fit with the Papagoya Pedagogy. The Papagoya Micro-School campus is on Buddha Vihar Road close to Cooke Town, Bangalore. 

Admissions process

  1. ​Please read our website in detail. Most information regarding our philosophy and approach is on our website. We expect parents serious about enrollment at Papagoya School to understand all of these aspects. 

  2. Drop us an email at and tell us a little bit about yourself and your child and why you would be keen to explore the Papagoya Micro-School.

  3. We will reach out to you to schedule time to take you through the philosophy, approach and campus. 

  4. Our main admissions are for January and June, but we do take admissions through the rest of the year.  The same is always based on availability. 

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