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Kindergarten Admissions

1 - 6 years

Papagoya Kindergarten offers a play-based learning program for toddlers between the age of 1 year and 6 years old. Children become eligible to join us on celebrating their 1st Birthday. We accept a limited number of admissions at our center in Frazer Town, enrolling only a few children every year. Our intakes are in June & January of each year and will be staggered across 2 months so as to give each child undivided attention during their first weeks at Kindergarten. We do accept children through the year however it is dependent on availability at that point.


  • The enquiry deadline for June Batch is March 31st and for January Batch is September 30th. Admissions are dependent on availability and in line with our capacity and ratios.

Admissions process

  1. Please read our website in detail. Most information regarding our philosophy, full-day programme and curriculum is all detailed out on the website, including an FAQ section. We expect parents serious about enrollment at Papagoya Kindergarten understand all of these aspects. 

  2. Please fill out the form and put in your details here. We request you do so only if you are absolutely sure this is the Kindergarten of your choice. 

  3. Should you have any questions before you fill out the form please email them to  

  4. Tours happen once a month with our Founder and Director and are based on availability and in order of your enquiry. You will be contacted as space opens up to book a tour of the campus. 

  5. You will have 1 week from the tour to be able to make your decision on enrollment. 

  6. Our main admissions are for January and June and we do take admissions through the rest of the year but the same is always based on availability. Our deadline of enquiries and applications for our June 2022 admissions is March 31st 2022. Please note spaces could fill up before that. 

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