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Bringing play-based learning to India.

Our Story

Papagoya is an extension of a life lived in Norway. Exposed to a very progressive Scandinavian way of life where women represent 40% of all Board seats, men take pride in going on Paternity Leave and toddlers grow to be confident, independent and gentle little people - created much intrigue over what is the key contributor to such a balanced scandinavian life. The common thread that allows for all of this to happen seamlessly, is the Norwegian Kindergarten. And so the thought, why can’t this be so, even in India?

Papagoya is our endeavour to create a safe and welcoming environment for children where they are met with the recognition and respect for who they truly are. It is our space where we can appreciate the intrinsic value of childhood. This is our effort at supporting working parents and particularly mothers, to pursue their ambitions and passions. Where we hope to encourage true gender equality and see more involved fathers. Papagoya is our long-term dream to influence early childhood practices in India. This is our way of making an impact, by creating an ecosystem that supports the new Indian parent and child.


Papagoya is now growing into a full school - with our parents being our biggest cheerleaders. Buying into the philosophy of play based learning and seeing their children be happy, joyful, curious, independent learners - the question they posed to us was, why not school? And thus started our journey of working and developing a curriculum for school that incorporated play at the heart of it but also balanced out the Indian cultural requirements of school. Our first cohort started mid pandemic in June 2020. 


So, why Papagoya?


The name Papagoya is inspired by papegøye, the Norwegian word for Parrot. A parrot's character traits are amazingly similar to those of a children - they come in all shapes and sizes, love to imitate, are musical and colourful, they need environmental enrichment where play forms a large part of their learning, and they even walk with a rolling gait! Parrots are also highly intelligent birds and against common myth imitate the environment they are put in because of their superior intelligence, and hence need to be put in an environment that is enriching and worthy of imitation.  Much like children, we thought. To our children, Papagoya means play. They eagerly arrive at Papagoya (we are not called “Kindergarten or  School”) every morning to enjoy the day’s play and learning. 


Helen Issar

Founder & Director

Helen comes from a family of passionate and strong educationists who’ve worked towards equity in education and ensuring children get a relevant and meaningful education. Papagoya is the marrying of her long term passion to work with children, her vision of making learning a joyful experience  and her understanding of the support a woman needs to be able to don the hats of career woman & parent.  Helen has over 17 years of experience in marketing, entrepreneurship and education. Having worked and lived in Norway & Denmark she witnessed how the Norwegian Barnehage program allowed women to get back to work and ensure a holistic development for their children, a concept she knew India could greatly benefit from. In the past, Helen has channeled her love of working with children through kids theatre workshops, travel clubs and nature camps. 

Our Advisors

Our Locations


Frazer Town Kindergarten

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Cambridge Road Kindergarten


Papagoya Micro-School

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