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Kindergarten Curriculum

The Papagoya approach to early childhood education is rooted in learning through the joy of play. We see childhood as a phase of life with an intrinsic value.

At Papagoya, we make room for the different perspectives and worlds of experience of our children. We believe that the care, upbringing, play and education that children experience at a young age shape their attitudes, values and confidence in themselves and in other people, and their motivation for learning later in life.


The safety, security and care of the child is our number one priority. We believe that when a child feels cared for and comfortable in their environment, they remain open to possibilities and new experiences. Through our high Adult to Child Ratio, we are able to provide the care, comfort and cuddles that a child needs through the day.



Our approach is rooted in play-based learning. We believe that a child explores the world and discovers themselves and their place in the world, through play. It is through play that children navigate their surroundings, test theories, investigate, negotiate, create and invent, learn to care for each other, and develop their own interests.



When children at Papagoya feel cared for and are comfortable being here, they play. And through play, we find learning opportunities with each child. We see learning as a dynamic and closely interwoven interaction between a child’s physical and mental circumstance, and the environment in which they grow up. As so our Learning Areas are not just academic in nature, but also ensure that the child is exposed to, and experiences the larger world around them.

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