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Play-Based Scandinavian Education.

Papagoya is a play-centric learning space that follows the Norwegian Kindergarten Framework for the pre-primary years and incorporates the Pedagogy of Play Framework in its School.

Papagoya Kindergarten

The Papagoya Kindergarten follows the Norwegian Curriculum, and offers a play-based learning program for children from ages 1 year to 6 years. We are a full day Kindergarten that believes in a holistic learning experience for children, while also enabling working parents to pursue their ambitions and passions. 

Papagoya School

The Papagoya School is a continuation of our playful learning approach in our Kindergarten and the pedagogy is deeply rooted in children learning through the joy of play across all ages. It is built on the beliefs and practices of a playful pedagogy and the school’s culture is rooted in respect - for the uniqueness in understanding, ability, interest and passion of every child. 


Our Core Philosophy


The child will always be at the center of all we do 


We are independent, confident, empathetic, secure and gentle people 


We meet everyone with recognition and respect for who they are 


Joy and Play will always be integral to all we do


We will always encourage curiosity, creativity and a desire to learn

Norwegian Ambassador to India vists Papagoya. 

In June 2023, the honorable Norwegian Ambassador to India, Ambassador Hans Jacob Frydenlund, visited the Papagoya campuses to understand how the Norwegian pedagogy and play-based learning was being adapted for India and what the little ones and their parents thought of it! 

Videos and Media

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